• Desert planet
  • Mech city
  • Snow dragon
  • Desert planet
  • Mech city
  • Snow dragon

Craft your reality.

LiveTale is an open platform for anyone to create and experience stories together. Sign up to follow along.

Reimagining roleplay

Letting roleplay drive the way we play.

LiveTale is an immersive 3D role-play experience where players can create and exchange their own stories, characters, and content with the community.

Whether you're a seasoned game master or embarking on your first adventure, discover compelling narrative-driven experiences to explore.

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Our platform provides tools for you and your friends to write, build, and explore together in a reality of your own creation. LiveTale is a story engine that brings your tale to life.

Realize Worlds

Unlock your imagination as you create and explore amazing worlds. Discover fantastic places and people crafted by our community.

Roleplay Together

Be yourself, or someone entirely new! Dive into an adventure with your friends, or make new ones as you socialize in a safe and inclusive space.

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Winners can get up to $30,000 and will work with us to bring their tales to life as playable experiences.